Roosevelt Maquette, 1988
Robert Frost In Progress, 2005
Bust of Robert Frost, 2004
Stone Carvers: Galeni
Bust of Robert Frost, 2004
Stone Carvers: SEM
Roosevelt Maquette, 1995
*direct inquiries for completion/installation of commission to Berta Walker Gallery
Student 1986, Lifesize, Bronze & Granite,
Brandeis University, Waltham MA
Samuel Eliot Morison 1979 - 1982, Bronze & Granite,
14" X 3" X 8" Comonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA
Margaret Fuller 1985, Bronze, 6" X 2.5" X 1.5"*
For Arts on the Line, Cambridge MA
(Currently Residing in Garden of Ronald Lee Flemming, Cambridge, MA)
Rising Woman In Progress, 1992, Lifesize Plaster,*
To be Carved In Marble, on View at Sculptureworks Garden Gallery,
Historical Fort Worth Weston Gardens, TX